The Coronation of Poppea

Cincinnati Opera presents The Coronation of Poppea

With this production of Monteverdi's Coronation of Poppea, our director wanted to unite the classical elements of the story with its modern universality. The female silhouettes are inspired by fashion designer Madame Gres, who was popular in the 1930s/40's for her magical use of drape and pleating. We love the way her clothes respected classical lines while still evoking a forward thinking sense of style. The men wear simple tunics and capes that we have tailored to flatter the modern eye. As layers are removed we see more modern undergarments. We have also used many classical paintings as inspiration for color and light. For this reason, our color palette is restricted to rich reds, alabaster whites, golden mustard yellows, and the occasional pesto green. These pieces are made from nubby raw silks, luscious boiled wools, and drapey matte satins. The lighting for this production is sharp and saturated making the shape and silhouette of these clothes so important. The end goal is to capture an elemental and classic world in which all these characters are united.

#opera #cincinnati #rome

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